Who We Are

Mosevent is a creative, professional, and full-service events management company dedicated to fulfilling and exceeding all special event production needs for corporate clientele.

The Idea Behind Us

Mosevent was founded with the idea to fill the void in the current stereotypical event management market – that exists due to lack of uniqueness and creativity which too often creates identical types of events without soul and personal touch. Our team is on a constant search for new trends and unique ideas helping us customize events that deliver one-of-a-kind experiences for our clients - solely provided by Mosevent.


Mosevent specializes in a variety of corporate events such as product launches, Christmas parties, award galas, team-building activities, meetings, etc.

The primary focus of Mosevent is to provide a return on investment (ROI) from corporate occasions by conducting a detailed needs assessment to ensure that every component of the corporate event truly enhances the success of the experience and is worth investing in.Frequent communication throughout the planning process ensures our complete understanding of event needs and objectives, resulting in your guaranteed satisfaction with our services.Let us do all of your event planning and detailing, allowing you to remain focused on your work and fulfilling your company's objectives for the event.

About us

Our firm has managed events all over Russia, in Europe, Asia, South and North America. We work for international and Russian corporate clients, representing world-renown brands and companies. We have 8 years of event management experience, which makes us one of the most experienced companies in the young Russian events management market.

Our unique business approach keeps our clients happy and creates long lasting customer relationships - our longest running client relationship began in 2005.

Деловые мероприятия
Деловые мероприятия
Деловые мероприятия

What We Do

Our expertise includes strategy development, event marketing & production, product launches, show tours, training programs, marketing communications, special event planning & multi-media exposure, creative design, staging, celebrity placing, concert booking, award shows & events, corporate meetings, etc.


Since 2005, Mosevent has been working in corporate event planning, event production and project event management enabling our clients to better inform, entertain, sell, train, motivate, and reward their target audiences.

Types of Events

Mosevent corporate communications services are delivered in all forms of media including: live events, award shows, high-definition TV (HDTV), film, video, DVD, print, environments, exhibits, trade shows, pavilions, displays and the internet.

Ready to get started?

Email: info@mosevent.ru, nb@mosevent.ru

Call: +7-495-988-42-12 or +7-495-988-42-14

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